Viability of hemp in Florida and potential in new varieties such a certified Panakeia

In conclusion and certification of Panakeia 12-23-2020 continued work into Florida environment challenges, mold target, and defense and breeding of molds.

Sawtooth Greenhouse introduction semi quadrants intentional infestation to view spread and possible resistance from Florida insects and disease in potential future generation Panakeia varieties. David Grand led deep dive into cannabis light vs Panakeia in Sawtooth greenhouse And new 0.00% hemp varieties in development by Bazelet Oglesby global partners in hemp.

Post drying and shipment to BAZELET health premium material continued post work on insects and disease in contained drying room safe for chemicals and toxins and sealed and signed on door:

12-24-20 Altha, Florida
150 pounds flower in black bucket pots in drying room with leaves into post studies, compost and mold resistance and development.

Conclusion 2.0
Mold is often seen on dead matter and it signifies full decomposition. The mold is dangerous, but the simple answer is that mold is good in compost as long as it is mixed properly in common gardening. Mold is a cotton like texture. The color of mold (typically green, black, white or pink) is typically determined by the type of material on which it feeds. It may also depend on the climate and region.

Continued research use beneficial molds and fungi every day, and there are composters who add fungi to their composting to help improve the nutritional effects of the compost.

Forthright add some beneficial fungi to potting soils to combat molds that can damage plants.
I think it is very safe to say there are two sides to the story about how we use molds and fungi in the entire food cycle.

Hemp has more potential in green plant based foods and is more beneficial to healthy diets.

BAZELET forthright work with next variety in development teams continue focus on Panakeia due to pharmacology potential and
CBG as mother to all medicinal in medical marijuana. Possible aryvedic potential and introduction into food.

Cannabis America Fiber variety has shown mold resistance.

Cannabis Light, Hemp, Marijuana
Dank, Reefer, Medicine, Herb
The hemp plant cannabis sativa has many names.
Recent and historic mapping of the new so called strain names of hemp cannabis sativa L under color for classification.
There are at least 20,000 different terpenes present in nature. The cannabis plant produces over 100 of these smelly chemicals.
They’re produced by the trichomes (the same glands that produce cannabinoids such as THC) and play an essential role in plant physiology.
Classification in regulated market targeting true hemp/cannabis chemovars worldwide.
Today’s current marketplace products terpene profiles there are thousands of so called marijuana strains. Dr. Etienne De Meijer back at GW Pharmaceuticals proposed five different cannabis types based on the relative content of three major cannabinoids (THCA, CBDA, CBGA).

Panakeia is special.

In harvest of one acre equivalent even 65% only harvest success with 159 pounds mold infested portion of original 1977 plants and sons of the most highly medicinal concentration for field/greenhouse style grow with double potential for indoor cultivation. Next generation 0.00% THC free varieties especially pankiea will have significant impact on Altha, Florida farms 2021 expansion with five year multiple year license and multiple genetic varieties of 0.00% THC hemp from Spain Valencia Hemp Trading and Kavana Israel newco.

BAZELET focus to the new highly talked about new cannabis plant and the major cannabinoid which is the only cannabinoid found in pankiea plant. Clinical trials with humans focused on CBG impact on ECS health and modulation of immune homeostasis innate immune responses.

Ability of cannabinoids to modify innate and adaptive immune responses, and we focus on potential mechanisms by which such ECS signals are generated and transmitted to the host immune system in humans tested in human trials.

In global marketplaces cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular forms of medical cannabis, research suggests that cannabigerol (CBG), another molecule found in cannabis plants, also offers significant and unique health benefits.

Though CBG, CBD, and THC are all derivatives of CBGA, only THC can cause the psychological effects associated with “getting high”

Both CBG and CBD are non-psychoactive.
However, the main difference between CBG and CBD is the health benefit profiles that each therapy offers.
A scientific aspect that differentiates CBG from CBD is how they work. CBG works directly on cannabinoid receptors within the brain, while CBD works indirectly on the endocannabinoid system within the brain. Bazelet researchers would argue that CBG has a more powerful, direct effect than CBD.

Still strong question and concern;
Hemp and 0.3% thc plants and psychoactive delta 8 products vape and edible including the nee highly popular delta 8 moon rocks the strongest legal weed.

Ditch weed 0.3% thc hemp and hot hemp vs Panakeia no more hot hemp and healthy ditch weed remediation of soils and green impact on environment in farming communities. Study in South Georgia Seminole Co of soils trials to begin 2021.

Impact on farmers and natural vs lab produced cannabinoid and plants from clone and natural plants impact on overall health and Entourage effects

“Almost 40% of drug arrests are for marijuana related offenses, and more than 90% of those are for simple possession, according to FBI data. Black Americans are almost four times more likely to be arrested for possession than whites despite using the drug at a similar rate. Current police , law enforcement continue to be confused by high thc and low thc varieties. Hemp must begin at 0.00 and have no psychoactive THC as no fiber, timber, new green bio plastic from hemp or even the paper cup you drink hemp milk from or the PECSA BAZELET food additive products from 0.00% THC hemp plants can change the entire industry giving consumers goods company’s clear path to access to most medicinal of all non psychoactive cannabis CBG in products globally.

0.00% THC clears path to begin Mark and Tracked cannabis hemp of the future the TESLA of cannabis Panakeia .

Final Info from David Grand from 0.00% THC plant project
Panakeia/Antonio F, Spain. Michael E all lead BO. David Grand,
full disclosure:
No funding was provided by the any federal funding and no federal law broken in this entire project.

Final Conclusion:
Bazelet Oglesby holds the key to cannabis sativa plants. Today development of a unique range of hemp genetics, purpose built, whether for future medicine, smoking flowers, or grain and fiber production throughout the world BAZELET comes together led by teams in Altha, Floridia and the Wiregrass region the new hub for future sustainable and economic hemp growth.
Bazelet Oglesby differentiates itself from its competitors by means of cannabis sativa L varieties that have been developed from well proven teams worldwide. They have been specially selected for the increasing number of farmers who recognise the value of including industrial cannabis in their farming system. We maintain a unique range of hemp varieties (or genotypes) that has been bred specifically to provide high grain and fibre yields when sown in all but the most extreme climates and medicinal cannabis with a unique concentration leading to the worlds first ever medicinal 0.00% THC cannabis plant that has been growing in extreme environments and shown to have the mother of all cannabinoids in recent university trials in concentrations BAZELET RESEARCH teams have concluded from Altha, Florida campus and plant science lab that this plant unlike any cannabis plant ever gives scientists an opportunity to not only research but effectively and safely have a true key to open the door to medical cannabis discoveries.
Bazelet Oglesby’s unique BLG varieties and now available THC FREE plants including the worlds first ever medicinal Panakeia variety has been tested on a commercial scale and has been certified by the state of Florida. Bazelet globally has undergone systematic improvement over a period of more than six years. Florida born and raised growers and educators who expect and deliver on the best Fresh From Florida hemp products. Direct from Oglesby Plants International In the panahandle of Florida just south of I-10 and Marianna a campus that is part of the solution not the problem “NO MORE HOT HEMP”. Cannabis America will lead hemps future from Florida and depending on which variety is chosen farmers will be a part of the future of everything Cannabis Sativa L can offer. With conditions right for growth and BAZELET management from Altha Florida growing plants like no other in the entire cannabis industry OPI is the new name in hemp. Panakeia, In partnership with GEC and Scott Burgett, David Grand said under Scott something has been achieved in Altha, Florida that can change all hemp plants forever making an industry that can far surpass todays Florida’s Citrus infrastructure as recently stated by Florida Department of Agriculture comissioner Nicole Fried known for supporting cannabis in a state known for producing the worlds best orange juice ,the freshest vitamin C, “Fresh from Florida”.

David Grand who personally helped lead 0.00% THC genetics into the state of Florida was at one of the first FDACS Hemp gatherings in Tallahassee and sitting with DR. GLEN AIKEN,

CENTER DIRECTOR, NORTH FLORIDA RESEARCH AND EDUCATION CENTER and his wife when Jackson County, Comissioner Jim Peacock asked if only you guys could make a 0.00% THC plant ; this should be done. “I did laugh and thought this is happening at GW Pharmaceutical and others of my like colleagues in foreign countries that have been together working on and decided Bazelet Oglesby Altha Florida would harvest the first ever Panakeia. Today with my children growing up in the next county over in Georgia and Jackson County my favorite Florida county, I was honored to have helped accomplish what such an accomplished team like Dr Aiken and Mr Peacock mentioned and thanks to our teams we now have the first harvest in Florida’s panhandle, the first ever 0.00% THC plant, the future of hemp containing more medicinal qualities than any cannabis currently on the market in my opinion. Today BAZELET globally with the ability to make products 100% guaranteed for consumers who wish to never fail a drug test because of medicinal THC FREE cannabis is creating quite a BUZZ with no THC and the real buzz is from big pharmaceutical companies who have come to me personally and been enthusiastic about our work for what the future will hold because of this plant just harvested in Altha, Florida . 100% natural therapeutics the FDA can trust and drive our growth of new Panakeia varieties coming from Florida to bring Fresh From Florida THC free hemp to farmers and consumers globally. I want to thank Scott Burgett and the Oglesby on site team from propagation ladies to harvest team who all should feel honored. Bazelet Oglesby has been selling to local farmers since the confirmation was given that Panakeia was certified by the FAMU program with the first local farmer Denis Gayle who is looking to expand Panakeia into Georgia and be first ever THC FREE hemp 0.000% THC will be grown first in Georgia at the old Jakin Cointry Club right down the road from Donalsonville, Georgia FAMU alum mayor Ron Johnson who leads a town under his leadership that now because of FAMU will have the first ever THC free hemp led by local Kenny Stewart. Bazelet, Oglesby Plants International with GEC, from Calhoun County have forever changed the hemp industry as it is 0.00% THC that insiders in a larger tobacco leader recently stated could impact smoking what just happened in Altha and neighboring Jackson County. County Comissioner Peacock and FDACS today because of this hemp is forever inscribed in the book of Florida agriculture,today 0.00% THC hemp happens. David said he thanks FDACS and Holly Bell for making a hemp day that led to today for FAMU and the state and the entire panhandle farm community who should be proud and are “panhandle strong” all in for hemp. Anyone considering hemp should consider 0.00% THC as the future of hemp, Panakeia and 00.000% THC hemp cannabis sativa L leading the Altha Florida pipeline of plants.
David Grand says our team of agronomists has a combined more years of experience of helping hemp farmers maximize their industrial cannabis production across the world and Our success has come from working together with a 74 year agriculture institution in Florida OPI. Our research teams have been able to expose our germ plasm to a wide range of environmental conditions and farm systems over a period of seven years and are most excited about our next Panakeia varieties about to be launched from Altha.
Bazelet Oglesby prides itself on its integrity, and supplies the worlds best plants.Panakeia has now passed through a very selective, very highly regulated program and should be considered the only option for hemp in 2021.

Florida Panakeia Project

CBG might turn out to be the most medicinal of all Cannabinoids

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid found found in higher concentrations in Hemp as opposed to weed selectively bred for high psychoactive THC content. Most strains of medical and recreational cannabis have minor amounts CBG, somewhere between 0.1 and 1%. From Spain 2019 Panakeia the worlds first 0.00% THC plant led by John Keating and Tesoro Genetics and Antonio Florio of Hemp Trading a THC free plant Panakeia first harvested and certified in Florida by Ogelsby BAZELET partnerships that bring Ogelsby Plants International a 74 year old agriculture staple and Green Earth Cannasuticals owner Scott Burgett who lead advisory and certification over OPI who led this grow with funding provided by Bazelet Oglesby at the helm of the first ever thc free plant to be certified by FDACS and Florida A&M hemp pilot program.

Panakeia THC-free cannabis seeds from Tesoro have successfully been grown and data of pest and fungal data collected for future breeding and development of plants for a viable hemp industry in Florida.
Florida challenges included: -mold
-white flies
-spider mites
Today the legal barrier of ‘hot hemp is 0.3 but No more ‘hot hemp’ is Panakeia a variety of cannabis that will never exceed 0.3% THC and is therefore 100% safe and effective for hemp farmers in Florida who are not wanting to grow illegal plants and these Panakeia seeds are completely free of any psychoactive component (0.00% total THC)
Unlike any other plant late flower time but while best production would be in contained controlled environments with proper program greenhouse could be effective for high future yields.The ability to grow a plant free of CBD and THC eliminates related vulnerabilities of federally regulated hemp and potential for harvesting of illegal marijuana in Florida with
no legal obstacles and no risks in the entire chain.

American market is key for commercialising Panakeia as hemp is grown here on a large scale and Bazelet Ogelsby through education and research with cannabis America are driving hemp toward a 0.00% THC future.
Bazelet will take strong position against Cherry Wine, Wife, and T varieties pushing a future hemp plant legality at 0.00% THC with no CBD which could see very strong push on federal level toward pharmaceutical protocols after oversight action BAZELET RESEARCH and observational study at OPI and work published by Dr Marcu and Dr ElSohly on CBD. In Altha reports on varieties Including Cherry Wine, Sunbelt Crush, and Wife can be obtained directly from GEC, FAMU, and FDACS hemp project.

CBG may have beneficial effects in reducing pain, glaucoma or psoriasis; also, it could have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This fact has led to sign a definitive agreement in medicinal plant work. Formal agreements with FAMU on nee projects including education necessary and with Scott Burgett of GEC and FAMU due to the success of this research project at OPI and it is the intent to develop stable future genetics together that will be more viable in Florida. It is the position of David Grand the product Panakeia is the only option for
Florida as it is 0.00% THC and looking forthright to Cannabis America and other varieties introduced into scientific study .

Plant science and the study of hemp management in agricultural production for Florida. In 2020 approximately 14% hemp crops grown for hemp under Florida issued hemp license were hot hemp and most genetics came in starting at 0.3% THC or below actually harvested at 0.6% THC.
Scott Burgett FAMU hemp program states to hemp Florida council most farmers will see this.
Possibly 80% of genetics submitted into Florida market should be of concern.
Bazelet Oglesby has concluded the necessity for farmers to use Panakeia is obvious at 0.00%THC
New genetics that are clean and never seen PGR’s or contaminated cultivation are necessary and Altha property in north Florida has shown ability like no other agriculture business infrastructure in pace currently in the state. OPI team
Of employees far excels past any other facility globally seen so far.
Production facility is by far superior to anything yet created in Florida cannabis industry.

Christians , Baptist Convention
Baptist College of Florida and impact on policy of Panakeia brings new opportunities at 0.00% and new research into social impact led by Florida and agriculture viability of hemp


Cannabis America and new hemp varieties for fiber hemp crops
development of knowledge in a variety of areas, including weed biology, taxonomy and ecology, biological control, cropping systems, integrated management systems, conservation tillage, transgenic crop tolerance, precision technology, and herbicides. The development of knowledge of the Panakeia and hemps survival in USDA and global agriculture is essential for developing effective 0.00% thc genetics and methods of management will focus team in Altha, Florida and the introduction of new products more safe and effective and available for nationwide or global distribution over the counter sales of the first cannabis products for homeopathic use from plants that contain no illegal CBD or THC.

In March 2019, the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) started planting over 46 varieties of industrial hemp at four locations throughout the state. David Grand assessment can be found in previous BAZELET folders. David Grand did attend final field trials locations with Michael Elzufon and Dr Zack Brym, Bazelet Board
Validated FAMU opportunity and intent to work with Scott and FAMU through Danielle McBeth. Florida has taken a strong pro hemp and cannabis position and the current AG comissioner Nikki Fried who Prior to public office helped drive legalization and Florida cannabis now led by state cannabis Director Holy Bell is significant That It has regulated and CBD and hemp are being tried through trial and error
Cannabis Director has been far more beneficial than expected and Director Bell has
Personally been globally recognized for successful and significant work that is today like any other hemp, CBD, cannabis is regulated, permitted, and driven by research and private public partnerships.
Learn more about the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project.
Unique immune to all obstacles one 4 varieties FAMU approved for hemp and the only 0.00%THC hemp variety ever harvested making Florida Hemp History for Florida Agriculture led by comissioner Nikki Fried.

Florida A&M program is Scott Burgett BAZELET final legal path and contracts and BAZELET continued ability to self fund sole globally recognized company to stand in compliance with FDA, DEA, and ALL federal laws pertaining to Cannabis. GEC led and is to lead Florida future of NO THC using BAZELET landrace unique chemovars to develop future genetics to be sold to hemp and medical marijuana marketplace in 2021. And product launches from 0.00% THC hemp plants led by Panakeia which Altha , Florida BAZELET OGLESBY PLANTS INTERNATIONAL with multiple 00.00% THC hemp varieties from Spain . Making Panhandle Strong Florida global hemp leader

NIDA position on THC:
Has been very clear and years of research under Mahmoud Elsohly at the University of Mississippi and NIDA Director Dr Nora Volkov with a very public position today of Teams through BAZELET research teams of highest level work and new technology including CRsPr Cannabis sativa,Cannabis indica plant or HEMP must be focused away from mind altering substance that cause friction in the ability to study research and use the plant that contains the mind altering chemical THC now fully invested to help medicine and agriculture and use as other compounds that are medicinal as proven and potential in major research globally. Extracts can also be made from the cannabis plant and future viability and sustainability of an industrial hemp and marijuana light or flowering hemp with below 0.3% THC and hemp industry, preliminary assessment of the crop, forthright is without 0.00% THC seed and clones only
The program will look like 2020 and identify few productive hemp varieties that can withstand environmental, ecological, and economic threats.

Bazelet Researchers who study the risk of any hemp plants worldwide introduced into and certified in the state and looks to becoming sustainable and not hot illegal controlled substance because Florida’s environment; BO have concluded Panakeia is safe genetics for Florida and is for flower bud, smokeable hemp flower, and best for CBG extraction and should be the only option in current marketplace for this type of cannabis.

Research continues 2021 will hope to help lead UF consortium
From BAZELET OGLESBY Altha, Florida to supply fresh from Florida 0.00% thc hemp plants .
Help clear path state regulated CBD and THC program with current program expansion and hemp pushing forward led by 0.00%THC Hemp plants panhandle strong

-Alpha-Cat testing kit
-Americanna Jacksonville lab