This is not just about Vapes.

The art vape devices are the real deal and I’m not joking, huge sales drivers globally. It’s here and now with Mark Gonzalez Art Vape devices, Kevin Harrington’s distribution channels, and in all his cannabis business’ and adding his Rolodex of hemp and marijuana business’ connections.

Please note marks devices launch has no liabilities for Bazelet and are perfect.

Please know it’s about some amazing new stuff in pipeline and consumer products Everyone should use and know this is just for your head and mind so you can feel well.

Whether educationally or in therapeutic uses the cannabis revolution is not just about posts on Instagram anymore as an entire generation through a global pandemic is using edibles for Covid-19 relief.

So, help me, even without a PhD I know hemp is healthy, which our products are; and if this is true today it is well documented and by our esteemed doctor Jahan Marcu. You can reach out to Mahmoud Elsohly, and Dr Ethan Russo I think all the basics have been clarified by them to me. They can get into details into health and possible medical implications of chemicals found in cannabis sativa L as today a real kind of food is being launched everyday by companies and consumed by millions today as edibles have taken off worldwide.

I did document not only edible sales but medical marijuana treatment centers statewide, you tube and social media influencers supported by global heros of sports and entertainment and medicine in certified nurses and doctors who have globally used the internet to drive sales of not just CBD and THC but delta 8, CBG, and CBN and this is just the beginning. I get it. While millions see temporary relief and satisfaction using homeopathic herbal medicinal cannabis products that will drive sales and consumer use more now as winter is looming, is this actually a good addiction considering everything sucks some will say and an election looms? Today it’s getting too cold for outdoor dining, and more and more Americans are cooking. Cooking with cannabis one way or another. It’s easily accessible to see the data and content in state groups by medical patients, on Facebook live, you tube, instagram and all social media platforms and the numbers are staggering.

Well, this week I talked to area food entrepreneurs who all admit and are betting cannabis can help drive health in food products. Bazelet Health has launched educational platforms with Havas health to help doctors, nurses, and health professional start to understand the ECS and how these ingredients being consumed by so many is impacting overall health. Bazelet consumer products with Cannibble Israeli innovation and technology led by Mr Ziv Turner and the foremost understanding of cannabis in food products globally introducing a series of products super-deluxe low-prep marijuana products that come with cannabis America infused oil. Order direct for food business economic growth and franchise opportunities available through kavana Corp global.

Is that legal? Maybe! (0.00% THC Can not make you ever fail a drug test and the marijuana oil is all derived from organic 0.00 % cannabis America plants. Is it awesome? You tell me. Many more details and mouth-watering pictures in the link and info on web site.

Cannabis America from one of the most prolific agriculture companies in American and global business today with a 75 year history today bring fresh from Florida cannabis America products to your dinner table making food oh so good and healthier by enhancing the ECS after a global pandemic and through Covid -19 defense. Be the best you for product consumers feel the best ECS can offer and enhanced immune health to live a daily life like before 2020.
Cannabis America available every worldwide.

Using Cannabis America to remove abuse potential of opioids

Bazelet health solutions targeting ways to fix opioid epidemic using chemicals found in cannabis sativa but providing material for research free of THC while retaining all entourage effective Endocanabinoid system impact from cannabis America plants grown 0.000% THC and in research legally used in trials shows ability and promise still alleviating pain and avoid side effects that come with that. Opportunities and potential separating out the respiratory failure , the overdose from pain relieving properties. The ability to get some effects while not enduring other effects is the true science and with human trials using cannabis America Bazelet health see the potential to remove abuse potential of opioid addiction.

Can Medicinal Cannabis Substitute for Opioids? Bazelet health comparing the effectiveness of opiate vs. cannabis-based products on chronic pain. The absence of these studies are related to the federal barriers to conducting research using marijuana and the difficulty of getting them ethically approved. A true random clinical trial would involve randomizing chronic pain patients to take either a FDA approved product or a Schedule 1 drug (the federal classification meaning that a substance has no medical benefits and high abuse potential). Fortunately, policies permitting research are slowly changing at a state level: Colorado Public Health Department has funded a RCT using state marijuana taxes on this very topic. The study, which will be completed in 2020, will assess for the first time how cannabis compares to Oxydone and placebo in reducing chronic back and neck pain.

Meanwhile, many people suffering from chronic pain have access to cannabis in the US: relief from pain is by far the most frequent condition reported by medical cannabis patients while potentially in using compounds found in cannabis America used in low dose with fda approved pain relief medication is where we can improve current medication not just turning on or off but fine running to still use pain relieving approved medications with less risk of side effects

The use of cannabis to complement or substitute for opiates in the treatment of chronic pain has been described in numerous studies, despite the absence of randomized trials comparing opiate based and cannabis based medications in terms of effectiveness, functionality and quality of life.

The need for more funding and fewer barriers to conduct studies on the benefits and risks of cannabis can be immediately solved with 0.000 % hemp. Evidence so far suggests that cannabis may have an important role both in addressing the chronic pain epidemic and the opioid crisis in the U.S. Knowing more is a matter of public health safety.

Cannabis use is not without risk and the boundaries between its use for medicinal and mind altering purposes are a sham. Research available to date has not been conducted with the products current consumers actually use could lead to more federal prosecution of the plant as medical products are recreational in current marketplace and with profits and nee equipment cartels leading corporate adult use cannabis have products if allowed full scientist to access these products could potentially make US policy remain restrictive and concerning for law enforcement.

Still medicine and cannabis means green which biosciences and GW pharmaceutical globally and continued steps as seen by The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded grant to researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System for a prospective cohort study that will follow up 250 patients with recent MC certification, severe chronic pain, and opioid use for 18 months. The study started in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2022; its overall goal was to understand how medical cannabis use affects opioid analgesic use over time, with particular attention to THC/CBD content, HIV outcomes, and adverse events. (

Some state funded research sponsored by cannabis taxes is expected to continue, as public opinion exerts pressure for science based answers to cannabis legalization but currently we believe the landscape regarding research on medicinal cannabis must change, Bazelet health leading policy and practice that is informed by improved research evidence not using research and published reports to drive sales of recreational weed.