Panakeia launch-Field use of hemp as rotational crop into agriculture

Wiregrass Region:
States involved: Florida, Georgia, and Alabama

Site specific recommendations:
Led by Bazelet David Grand

Hemp a premier ecological strategy for Agriculture brought by BAZELET Research to launch a more sustainable cannabis sativa L / HEMP industry.

Improving the soil and productivity of farming in Wiregrass region specific unique 0.00% THC varieties give opportunity to manage the diversity of
Potential. While systems and environment have shown to and represent a challenging research question this is a long term research project to help drive expansion of CERi educational platforms.
As we collect data and research will help us say a lot about what is going on with safe and effective hemp at this time. Farmers want hemp and want to know what is going on.
Bazelet Research national and global network monitoring cannabis hemp. Driven focus to crops on insects, disease, weeds, water, nitrogen, and all of that information we collect will link climate improvement, soil improvement and management intended to affect hemp globally and current cash crops.

All of this info to help the wiregrass region to develop decision based tools to specific info through growers and education expansion through CERi.

To enable educators to provide site specific recommendations, seeding tools and systems, economic calculators, all built upon recommendation systems built by BAZELET.

Commercialization portion:
National and Global breeding programs headquarters in Altha, Florida improving genetics to release cultivars focusing on the management and quantifying the benefits.

Biological tools have no one prescription.

Bazelet systems and farming practices led by CERi, FAMU, and David Grand BAZELET 2020