Michael Elzufon, DFCP

Executive Director

Mr. Elzufon, a Bazelet co-founder, works with US policy makers and senior leadership at several federal agencies managing and expanding the regulatory framework and science based policy of cannabis sativa L., Panakeia™, PECSA™ and the Company’s non-psychoactive, 0.00% THC cannabis products. He is also actively working on bi-partisan efforts that include expanding domestic and international medical partnerships with Dr. Ward and is leading the successful implementation of the Company’s current business objectives.

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Dr. Francisco Ward DO., NBPAS-PM&R/PM

President & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ward is an osteopath who completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Johns Hopkins/ Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, with subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine. Dr. Ward combines trusted traditional medical background with substantial eloquence of the human endocannabinoid system, “ECS” and the cannabinoid landscape.

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Robyn Frick M.Ed.

Director of Learning

An accomplished educator and former airline industry executive in charge of airport operations, inflight, corporate recruitment, classroom instruction and hands-on-training; Recognized for presentation and motivational skills in corporate training and development. Ms. Frick is Director of Bazelet Learning, the education, learning and advisory unit of Bazelet Health Systems.

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David Grand

Director of Research

Mr. Grand has studied and worked with scientific labs researching cannabis in the US, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Nepal, India and even in-depth study in Cuba.

An international development professional engaged in healthcare, new technology and the legal cannabis industry much of the last ten years studying firsthand, the origins of the cannabis sativa species, its cultural history and use throughout civilization.

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Ryan Kelly

Vice President of Government & Public Relations

Mr. Kelly boasts over 10 years of experience in domestic and international corporate development with a focus on building partnerships with clients, industry advocates, and other parties throughout his entrepreneurial ventures.

Known as an innovative thinker, Mr. Kelly has a proclivity for strategic analysis, advocacy, regulatory acumen, supply chain logistics, and above all else, Mr. Kelly fosters collaborative business relationships and strategic partnerships that emerge at the intersection of business and bureaucracy.

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