Thanks in part to Oglesby Plants International in Altha, FL, Kenny Stewart Farms, in South Georgia, and Carter Marshall Nursery in Tallahassee, FL, we have federally legal cannabis sativa L. genetics. Our genetics are not just Florida Pilot program approved, through FAMU, but US Federal Government approved with a US Plant Patent. We have a genetics library of cannabis sativa variety crosses from legal cannabis sativa L. for future plant patents, as well. In essence, all medical marijuana, marihuana, hemp and narcotic use cannabis sativa are, obviously and clearly one species. A hemp genetic, with no THC, should be the only federally approved cannabis sativa L. on the market. State programs must keep license holders accountable to patients by allowing only US federally approved genetics. I question why all these businesses are allowed to even sell narcotic use varieties for medical programs today. Bazelet looks to a day when hemp companies and MMTC's alike, use our genetics for making new, legal varieties to supply their consumers and patients with safe and federally legal products and medicine, fresh from Florida. Federally legal cannabis must be forged from our federally legal and patented genetics, called Panakeia ™.

David Grand, Head of Plant Research

Genetics | Tissue Culture | Breeding

At Bazelet, our focus is on breeding top quality plants to pinpoint correlations between the genetic effects of certain strains for their optimal medicinal, consumer, and industrial application.

Bazelet brings together a global team of horticultural specialists that unite a host of science-based solutions with substantial knowledge and experience in plant physiology, weed management, replant problems, pest and disease control, and sustainable agriculture.

Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Bazelet Oglesby is one of the most experienced companies in plant tissue culture with intimate knowledge of the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Our Plant Tissue Culture Center [PTCC] performs a process known as micropropagation, meristem culture, and cloning. This technology aims to “clone” or otherwise reproduce many identical copies of an elite plant or strain.

Bazelet’s PTCC specializes in tissue culture transformation and breeding with capabilities to produce tens of million Stage II, III, and IV hemp plants annually