Pet Food

And Snacks

Bazelet™ is working with some of the leading pet food manufacturers developing a full-line of pet food and snacks. Please check back with us for updates and a list of US retailers. Our furry companions also have an endocannabinoid system.

PECSA™ for Pets product line will support good pet health.

PECSA™ for Pets

PECSA™ Cat Food
5mg Serving

Sustained low dose formula to benefit your pet

PECSA™ for Pets

now you have Zero reason not to love your pet even more

PECSA™ for pets, for goodness sake

Resources and Further Information

Bazelet Landrace Genetics

The origin of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) is thought to be located  around the Indo-China plate over 9000 years ago where present day Tibet is located.  This is based on evidence found in June 2019 by a team of researchers.

Cannabis Sativa L. has evolved and adapted because of its ability to acclimate to various environments. The absence of chronologically recorded data regarding the usage of cannabis in history remains a significant reason for an almost non existent archive of naturally occurring, domesticated, imported, or acclimatized ” varieties from around the world.

At Bazelet™, we are part of the true Landrace Cannabis population. Thus, it is not only a privilege, but also a humble duty to present our observations by carefully assessing the acquired data from the cannabis hotspots around the world in a clear, concise, and scientific manner.

The Bazelet™ classification system and nomenclature for Landrace Cannabis varieties are based upon three major categories influencing the terroir which are, geographical positioning (latitude and altitude), flowering duration, and human impact. Using this classification system, Bazelet and our team of horticulture scientists are able to instantly draw a broad and comprehensive picture around the important details of the Cannabis variety in question.

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