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With its novel PECSA ingredient, Bazelet is bringing federally compliant cannabinoids to mainstream food and beverage. PECSA is a plant-based, non-GMO ingredient.

The novel PECSA ingredient is produced in an oil and a paste. For the food service industry and our use in the manufacture of food products, we blend PECSA into base ingredients including butters, sweeteners, flours, and seasonings.

This spring Bazelet is producing a substantial inventory of a select number of food and beverage products and will begin distribution to the retail food and beverage market.

Find us in several social events coming up in April, May and June where our gourmet cookies, chocolates and desserts will be sampled. Want to host a social cooking event? Click here (or call 321-430-0404 press option 4).


SectorProduct Category
Food ServiceOil

Food service professionals support Cannabis-Zero™


Our collection of PECSA infused oils include an all-purpose vegetable oil, a delicious tasting salad and cooking oil, a natural whole plant extract oil and PECSA Standard oil for food and beverage manufacturing.

ConcentrationActive IngredientOther Ingredients
Salad and Cooking5%95%


Dairy, non-dairy and plant-based butter


Wheat and Gluten-Free varieties including “hemp seed flour” from our Cannabis America Plants. (2023)


PECSA infused in cane sugar and sweeteners (2023)


Wheat and Gluten-Free varieties including “hemp seed flour” from our Cannabis America Plants (2023).

Buffalo style chicken wings
Breading: PECSA™ flour and seasonings

Shrimp roasted with PECSA™ 

infused butter with lemon and parsley

Roasted tomatoes bruschetta topped with PECSA Salad and Cooking Oi

Activate your Food and Beverages with PECSA™


Caprese Salad. Mediterranean salad. Mozzarella cherry tomatoes basil and PECSA Salad and Cooking Oil

Zucchini pasta with Mushrooms, Tomato’s tossed with PECSA Salad and Cooking Oil

Paleo vegetarian salad made from fresh organic biological ingredients, vegetables and fruits, berries and PECSA™ Salad and Cooking Oil


Sautéed salmon steak with potatoes and vegetables with PECSA™ cooking oil

Penne pasta with chicken meat, eggplant in tomato sauce cooked with PECSA™

Grilled Pork Chops with PECSA™ Infused Meat Seasoning


Baked Apples with Oatmeal

These baked apples with oatmeal are a dessert recipe everyone will love. The spices, oats, nuts, and sugar combine for a delicious filling, and the apples become even sweeter while they bake

 CannaPop is a microwave instant popcorn mix with different favors, ready in 2-3 minutes

Gourmet Cookies Made with PECSA™

For those managing wellness with a sweet tooth, our gourmet cookies are delectable way to nourish your Endocannabinoid System, supporting your immune health

Americas Favorite Cookies , now made with PECSA™



PESCA™ Butter for better Popcorn


Ready to drink (RTD) beverages

  • Functional Drinks
  • Sports Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Juice Drinks
  • Flavored Water
  • Liquid Dietary Supplements


we've Got MILK!

ZERO never tasted so good.

PECSA infused Gluten-Free Milks

Almond Milk

Oat Milk

Soy Milk

Cow Milk


PECSA™ Gelcaps supplements

Green Tea Whey Protein with PECSA™

Powders for making shakes, cold or hot beverages in different favors 

Honey Sticks with PECSA™

Flavored Chewables with PECSA™

Resources and Further Information

Bazelet Landrace Genetics

The origin of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) is thought to be located  around the Indo-China plate over 9000 years ago where present day Tibet is located.  This is based on evidence found in June 2019 by a team of researchers.

Cannabis Sativa L. has evolved and adapted because of its ability to acclimate to various environments. The absence of chronologically recorded data regarding the usage of cannabis in history remains a significant reason for an almost non existent archive of naturally occurring, domesticated, imported, or acclimatized ” varieties from around the world.

At Bazelet™, we are part of the true Landrace Cannabis population. Thus, it is not only a privilege, but also a humble duty to present our observations by carefully assessing the acquired data from the cannabis hotspots around the world in a clear, concise, and scientific manner.

The Bazelet™ classification system and nomenclature for Landrace Cannabis varieties are based upon three major categories influencing the terroir which are, geographical positioning (latitude and altitude), flowering duration, and human impact. Using this classification system, Bazelet and our team of horticulture scientists are able to instantly draw a broad and comprehensive picture around the important details of the Cannabis variety in question.

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