Clinical Trials

Bazelet Health Systems will research, test and co-develop food and beverage products for the healthcare and consumer product sectors.

With less than 13% of medical schools teaching the human endocannabinoid system, we have the responsibility to expand access to foundational endocannabinoid knowledge, including new cannabis and cannabinoid-derived clinical research findings as published regularly by American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine (AJEM).

Kenny Watkins, AJEM Publisher

Medical & Consumer Products Research

Bazelet Health Systems is forging public private partnerships with US and Internationally based universities and private sector clients conducting research and clinical trials.

Bazelet will conduct innovative research and scientifically valid, well controlled clinical trials. We expect our pioneering work in the US will help shape the emerging world which include the study of the EndoCannabinoid System [ECS] and its impact on human health.

Research will advance the discovery of Cannabinoid-Derived Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and other federally compliant cannabinoid based therapies.

Clinical Trials will test the safety and effectiveness of federally compliant cannabinoids and medical cannabis for participants with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue/chronic pain, insomnia and general anxiety disorders (GAD), including PTSD.

Food and Beverage Research

Specialized research dedicated to helping food and beverage producers, operators, consumers and regulators. Our science-backed data will help our clients in the development and commercialization of food and beverage products where cannabinoids are present.

Our state of the art food production and beverage development center is being designed to create world class food and beverage creations that include cannabinoid formulations from 0.00% THC cannabis plants which exceed FDA standards and can be brought to commericalization to meet unmet demand.

The diverse and rapidly evolving nature of the Cannabis/Cannabinoid space requires a well-organized range of credible testing services, support and offerings that address consumer demand and SELF-CARE and HEALTHCARE dynamics.

We are helping test, validate and build sustainable, efficient agri-food supply chains that can deliver safe, nutritious food in today’s fast-changing consumer market.

Research with Federal Agencies

Bazelet’s team of medical doctors is led by Dr. Francisco Ward DO., NBPAS-PM&R/PM, who has conducted 14 different Federally funded clinical trials in his career. Bazelet’s research team is led by David Grand, who is known for bringing non-psychoactive cannabis sativa to the forefront of advanced cannabis research, globally. Both are very well known in the research communities worldwide. Together, with other members of the Bazelet team, they are advocating for US patent approved cannabis sativa L. species being accepted into the food & beverage, beauty & personal care, and over the counter drug markets. Through years of collaborative efforts with the appropriate federal agencies, they have successfully brought to market legal cannabis sativa.